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Mandy's Opening All-New Restaurant In Old Montreal

Can...not...WAIT!!! #yasss
Mandy's Opening All-New Restaurant In Old Montreal

Honestly, salads are bae. Sure, they're healthy, which is great, but they're also delicious and (if you're doing it right) totally customizeable - which turns them from "great" to "freaking awesome."

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And if you've ever had a salad at Mandy's, Montreal's most well-known gourmet salad bar, then you know that sometimes, salads can be even better than freaking awesome.

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A salad from Mandy's is pretty much a bowl of happiness, sprinkled with love, and drenched in joy. And although this salad powerhouse has three locations in Montreal, they're going to open another one very soon.

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Mandy's will be opening a location in Montreal's Old Port, according to their social media posts. No word yet on the specific location or the opening date, but judging by their posts, the project seems to be pretty much almost done.

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I don't know about you guys, but I'm totally excited! Honestly, I'm just imagining spending my whole summer in the Old Port, Mandy's salad in hand, vibing on life.

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For updates on Mandy's newest location, check out their Facebook page.

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