Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta & B.C. Want To "Separate" From Canada

A group called “Republic of Western Canada” are fed up!
Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta & B.C. Want To "Separate" From Canada

We stumbled on a website today ( which is reporting that Conservative supporters of the former Prime Minister of Canada, Stephen Harper, have raised the issue of calling for an independent "Republic of Western Canada". It would encompass Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta & British Columbia. the decision was made after Justin Trudeau and the Liberal Party came to power on Monday October 19, 2015.

They also elaborate that the Conservative Party, which was able to win 99 seats out of a possible 338 in Canada's House of Commons compared to the Liberal Party's 184 seats, actually competed strongly in the Western Provinces where they gathered up 54 of 100 seats in the area.

A daring Facebook group that goes by the name of “Republic of Western Canada”, created by a Roy Mears, has actually blown up to 1,000 strong followers in just under 1 day.

Mr. Mears stated:“We would have an end to being run out of the east,” He claims they are willing to pay their share of the taxes to cover military, postal, and RCMP services, but they no longer want to make equalization payments.

It is somewhat of a breath of fresh air to hear about provinces other than Quebec debating the issue of "separation" for once.

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