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Map Of Canada Showing Homicide Rates In Every Province

"Manitoba got less stabby!"
Map Of Canada Showing Homicide Rates In Every Province

Canada isn't exactly known for being super violent. That's more the United States' claim to fame. However, like anywhere else in the world, we do have murders and homicides here in the North.

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When we look at a map showing the different homicide rates all over Canada, the interesting part is how the numbers vary from province to province, territory to territory.

I am sure that there is a long list of reasons that can explain the different homicide rates and what causes them. From economic to social situations, there is always a reason why people kill.

When the map was posted in a Reddit thread,  there were, of course, those demanding complete accuracy (which is hard considering there's a typo in the map's legend), but naturally, the people of Reddit were ready to deliver. They made sure everyone understood what of going on.

Though, of course, properly understanding the information is important, my favorite part of all this is how people reacted. The reactions weren't those of outrage, more of comedy. They were poking fun at the results.

Here are a couple of my favorite comments that really just make light of this whole situation. When people kill, I guess it's a good opportunity to make a joke.


Homicide rate per 100000 residents

The comments went on to tell the rest of Canada to lay off with the Anne of Green Gables crap and leave them in peace. But I guess hey if you're a peaceful people, no reason to get violent.


Homicide rate per 100000 residents

What a great reason to celebrate! I'd be happy, I don't know about you.


Homicide rate per 100000 residents

The most violent area also got a shoutout. People even started calling it the "Chicago of Canada". Oh, poor Nunavut.

One thing that is extremely important to understand about this whole map is the fact that small populations affect the ratio a whole lot. For example, one of two kills in the Yukon can send the rates through the roof. Someone even suggested that the numbers could've come from one family just getting in a fight.

So you know, take these numbers with a grain of salt. You won't get shanked the minute you go up North.

Here's the map:

Via reddit


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