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Map Of Canada Showing Which Provinces Will Have A White Christmas

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Map Of Canada Showing Which Provinces Will Have A White Christmas

In case you haven't noticed the weather has been pretty bizarre and unpredictable in Canada lately. We started off the winter season early and most of the country got hit with a lot of snow. For a while there it looked like pretty much every province would be enjoying a white Christmas this year.

The same cold wintery pattern is expected to last for the first week of December however according to the Weather Network, that's all going to change. During the second week of December, warmer air is exported to sweep across Canada which means we will all be enjoying a milder winter.

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TL;DR Weather patterns remain very unpredictable across Canada this year. Experts have instead decided to rely upon historical statistics to determine who will have a white Christmas.

Over the holidays, most of the country will be blessed with above average temperatures.

However that also means we all have a much lower than normal chance of seeing snow on Christmas this year. 

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Experts are saying that a the winter snow is so hard to predict this year that we will have to rely on this map showing the historical probability of a having white Christmas across Canada.

Via theweathernetwork

The territories basically never see a Christmas without snow, so there's 100% chance there. 

Vancouver has the lowest odds in the country with only an 11% probability.

Calgary, Toronto, Halifax and Saint-John each have between 50-63% of getting some snow. 

Finally Edmonton, Winnipeg, Montreal, Thunder Bay, and Charlottetown are all very likely to have a white Christmas. 


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