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Map Of Canada Shows Which Animal Is Most Likely To Kill You In Every Province

Canada is a vast place that is mostly uninhabited. And in that wild, white yonder, animals reign supreme.

Every once in awhile one of these noble animals will cross paths with some unlucky soul, and although it happens rarely, these encounters can be deadly.

In Canada, hitting a moose or deer is still your #1 cause of animal death, but since we didn't want a map full of moose, we perused all the animal attack stats in North America to find out which animal attacks the most in every Canadian province and territory.

Here are the results:


Deadliest Animal: Brown Bear

There were three times as many Brown Bear attacks than in any other province in Canada

British Columbia

Deadliest Animal: Cougar

B.C. is by far the province where you're most likely to get killed by a wild animal. The likeliest culprits are Cougars, Bears and Wolves.


Deadliest Animal: Bear / Wolf

Bears and Wolves are tied for first place in Manitoba.

New Brunswick

Deadliest Animal: Moose

People don't get attacked much in N.B. so the most likely way an animal can kill you is if you hit a Moose with your car

Newfoundland and Labrador

Deadliest Animal: Moose

Again, not many animal attacks take place here, so a Moose on the road in your number one threat.

Northwest Territories

Deadliest Animal: Black Bear

You would think Polar Bears had a better chance of sneaking up on you in the NWT, but you'd be wrong. Black Bears kill the most.

Nova Scotia

Deadliest Animal: Deer

Here again you're most likely to die hitting animal but chances are you'll hit a Deer instead of a Moose.


Deadliest Animal: Polar Bear

Finally a stat that just seems to make sense.


Deadliest Animal: Wolf

I definitely wouldn't have guessed this one, but the stats are pretty disturbing.

Prince Edward Island

Deadliest Animal: Dog

Since no wild animal is likely to kill you in PEI, sadly it's dog that take the top prize here.


Deadliest Animal: Black Bear

Moose and Deer are a serious hazard on the roads, but when it comes to wild animal attacks, Black Bears are the #1 threat.


Deadliest Animal: Wolf

Read the stats and you'll see wolves a total assholes.


Deadliest Animal: Wolf

Looking back on this list, I think we need to organize a wolf hunt.

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