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Map Of Montreal's Bike Paths In The 1900s

See where people biked over 100 years ago.
Map Of Montreal's Bike Paths In The 1900s

Bike culture is an integral part of Montreal, and has been for over one hundred years. For real, this bicycle map of Montreal all the way back from 1897 proves that cyclists rocked the streets of Montreal as far back as 1897.

They didn't have BIXIs back then, and the bikes were probably less equipped to deal with winter,  but that didn't stop old school Montrealers from riding the streets. Lower bike theft rates probably didn't hurt the incentive to cycle around either.

One thing is for sure: old timey bike rider definitely wouldn't have been down for Montreal's Naked Bike Ride.

Check out the rare historical document below.

Would you bike around back then

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