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Maple Water Is The New Healthiest Superfood That All Canadians Need

The sweetest way to hydrate.
Maple Water Is The New Healthiest Superfood That All Canadians Need

We're all well-aware of how awesome maple syrup is, but have you ever heard of maple water? It comes from the same tree, it's made almost the same way, and yet it's a whole lot healthier.

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And not only is it healthy, but it tastes really darn good!

100% pure maple water is full of nutrients! It has over 46 bioactive nutrients, 9 minerals, 11 amino and organic acids, and over 25 phytonutrients that you can only get from tree waters!

Besides that, it helps to boost your immune and digestive systems and helps prevent degenerative disease. 

It's such a great product because many of the top selling brands are 100% organic, sugar-free and 100% sustainable. What more could you want from a new "superdrink"? It's a good thing it has become so trendy.

It's even helping the maple industry stay strong now that companies outside Canada are starting to increase their production. 

Naturally, depending on the recipe and manufacturing processes, the health and environmental benefits vary. Some add sugar or even fruit flavorings to their drinks. As you can see, maple water is also super versatile.

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The market for maple water is really popular in France, Belgium, Japan, Australia, and Germany. Hopefully, the popularity in Canada rises soon so we can all benefit from this awesome health drink!

Now let's not fool ourselves into believing that we are the ones that discovered this awesome superfood. Native Americans have been drinking this forever. It was originally used as a tonic and for hydration.

Check out SEVA's website for everything and anything you could ever know about maple water!



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