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Maps Of Canada Showing What Words You'd Hear In Quebec VS Every Other Province

Canada is a very diverse nation, which is said so often it's pretty much cliche at this point. 

But it's true. You can tell by the way we speak. 

With a wide array of immigrant populations, a diverse landscape between the country's two coasts, and the ever-present cultural impact of being neighbours with the United States, Canada has a ton of linguistic influences. 

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And Canada's gigantic size allows for quite a few linguistic variations. Certain parts of Canada speak differently than other parts, and we're not just talking about how Quebec predominately is a French-speaking province. 

Where you live in Canada informs what words you use, even if you're not aware of it. Is it "pop" or "soda"? Really, it all depends on where you live. 

After surveying more than 9500  Canadians on what words they use, map-and-data obsessed website The 10 And 30 charted out the linguistic regionalisms of the country. The dataset was then shared on imgur for all to see. 

Some differences are pretty minute (is it "bristol" or "poster" board?) while others are way more surprising (what the hell is a "bunnyhug"?). Altogether, the maps demonstrate just how diverse Canada truly is. 

Check out the maps below and see for yourself. You're no doubt going to be surprised. 

"Pop" Vs. "Soda"

"Convenience Store" Vs. "Corner Store" Vs. "Depanneur"

"Toque" Vs. "Hat"

"Garburator" Vs. "Garbage Disposal"

"Pencil Crayons" Vs. "Coloured Pencils" Vs. "Leads"

"Kraft Dinner" Vs. "Mac & Cheese


"Pylons" Vs. "Traffic Cones"

"Dinner" Vs. "Supper"

"Cabin" Vs. "Camp/Chalet/Bungalow/Cottage"

"Runners" Vs. "Running Shoes" Vs. "Sneakers"

"Hoodie" Vs. "Bunnyhug"

"Kickball" Vs. "Soccer Baseball"

"Cranky" Vs. "Crooked"

"Deckle" Vs. "Dee-Cal

"CARE-A-Mel" Vs. "CAR-A-Mel

"Poster Board" Vs. "Bristol Board"

"Grades" Vs. "Marks"

"Cutlery" Vs. "Utensils" Vs. "Silverware"

"Tor-On-TOH" Vs. "Tor-ONNOH"

"Eavestrough" Vs. "Rain Gutter"

"Electric Bill" Vs. "Hydro Bill"

"Rubber Band" Vs. "Elastic Band"

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