Marché Adonis Downtown Montreal Made Us Stuff Our Faces And It Was Delicious

Most supermarkets have a hot table counter, but none compare to the delicious foods served at Adonis. Adonis has several locations around the Montreal area, but it wasn't until August 7th that downtown residents could enjoy the huge assortment of foods Adonis offers its customers. Good for groceries, baked goods, and ready-to-eat meals, Adonis has all of your food needs covered.

Adonis has a unique Middle Eastern influence which sets it apart from your standard grocery store. Specialty items can be found in its long aisles, along with all of your standard stuff. Adonis' huge bakery section is very similar, with simple cakes and cookies paired along side traditional Middle Eastern pastries. Variety is a huge part of the appeal at Adonis, along with its food counter.

Larger than most on-the-go restaurants, Adonis' hot food selection is an assortment of delicious eats. Meat eaters will be pleased with the large off the grill menu and huge plates of shish-taouk chicken. Served with rice, salad, and potatoes, the grilled meals are just as good, if not better, than what you would find at your favourite shawarma joint.

Vegetarians need not be disappointed either. Tons of veggie and meatless options can be found at Adonis. Hummus, salads, and authentic vegetarian dishes are all ready to be served at the counter or taken to go. That's another great part about Adonis, you can choose to eat in their dining area (although it can get packed during lunch hours), or just take all of your salads, dips, and pastries home.

If you do plan on eating at Adonis, be sure to check out their gelato counter right by the bakery. Hidden away from the main food area, the ice cream and sorbet of Adonis is not to be missed. Dairy-less sorbets are available for those who can't do lactose, as well as delicious ice creams. The pistachio sorbet is made with real nuts, and you can taste the authenticity. When you're looking for ice cream, definitely keep Adonis in mind.

Adonis can be found at 2173 St. Catherine, just east of the Atwater intersection. More than just a grocery store, Adonis is a food option for every kind of eater.

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