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Marijuana Breathalyzers Are Going To Be A Thing Really Soon

Beware when you smoke and drive.
Marijuana Breathalyzers Are Going To Be A Thing Really Soon

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One major boon to smoking weed is that, if you play it cool, don't have bloodshot eyes, and keep your giggles to a minimum, you can pretty much pass for being sober to figures of authority. Teachers, bosses, or coppers don't really have a way of truly knowing if you're high, outside of rigorous and invasive tests that take a good long while. All that could change with the creation of the weed breathalyzer, now officially sanctioned to be constructed.

Lifeloc Technologies, makers of standard alcohol-detecting breathalyzers, have just been given a $250, 000 grant to create a device to detect the amount of THC in a person's system, so basically a weed breathalyzer.

The funds are coming from the Colorado Office of Economic Development, with Lifeloc matching the grant money, thus allowing the company to quickly produce a THC-detecting tool that will be sold to law enforcement offices, corrections facilities, educational institutions, and workplaces, according to the Denver Post.

Marijuana is legal in Colorado, so the funding of a weed breathalyzer tool isn't a big surprise. Many more people must recreationally smoke weed in the state now, and instances where individuals were super-stoned/impaired behind the wheel (or going to work/school) has likely gone way up. The weed breathalyzer would, hypothetically, be able to determine which people are way too high to be doing what they're doing, and hopefully prevent any stoner-related mishaps.

On the other hand, we can definitely see how a tool such as this could be abused. If no accepted levels of THC content in one's body are made, a person could get booked for having gotten high two hours ago, as THC is still in their body despite the mental effects having worn off. Hopefully the weed breathalyzer, if it does come to fruition, stays in Coloardo, and doesn't make its way to Montreal.

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