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Marijuana Frozen Pizza That Gets You Stoned While Eating It

Get taken to munchie heaven.
Marijuana Frozen Pizza That Gets You Stoned While Eating It

Photo cred - WeHeartIt

Pizza and marijuana are more than a perfect match, they are a divine duo of snacktacular proportions, with one creating the perfect mental and physical conditions to enjoy the other, which pretty much leaves you in a spaced out and cheese-filled nirvana once both have been consumed. Life would be magical, if somehow, some way, pizza and cannabis were physically combined, so that a slice actually gets you high. Well, that wish is now reality, thanks to Stoned Oven Gourmet Pizzas.

Created by 24 year old marijuana magician Henry Mark, Stoned Oven Gourmet Pizzas is a cheesy (in the best way) form of edibles, with each pizza pie containing 250mg of THC, mainly from an indica strain, the couch-locking kind you want when gorging on pizza.

Priced at $10 per pizza, according the to LA Times, Mark offers three different varieties (5-Star Cheese, OG Pepperoni,Very Margarita Jane) which can be picked up in specific dispensaries in California to take home and pop in the oven whenever a lucky Californian may like.

Edibles are a tricky business, as anyone who has gotten ridiculously stoned off of a brownie for 8 hours while their friend barely got a giggle knows, so Mark recommends testing out the pizzas first. Eat a quarter, have a glass of H20, wait half an hour and see how you feel. Honestly, kind of dangerous, as even if you get high, you're gonna want more pizza anyway.

Stoned Oven Gourmet Pizzas are but another amazing weed-food combo we wish we could enjoy in Montreal, like the marijuana iced coffee drink, and the hemp-infused ice cream that gets you buzzed. We can dream, can't we?

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