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Marijuana Macaroni And Cheese Is The Ooey Gooey High You Need In Your Life

As if macaroni and cheese could get any better.
Marijuana Macaroni And Cheese Is The Ooey Gooey High You Need In Your Life

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Cannabis KD, Ganja Mac 'n Cheese, Weed-infused Cheese Macaroni, "Baked" M&C; Marijuana Mac & Cheese can go by many names, but at the end of the day, no matter the moniker, this dish will still be everything you've ever dreamed of: a fusion of the world's greatest comfort food and the great green stuff that chills you out, making for the zenith in zen and warm feels.

Okay so maybe making Marijuana Mac & Cheese (MMC from here on out) sound like a religious experience is a little bit much, though you can't deny your inner stoner cried with glee at the notion of munching out on some mac that actually gives you the munchies.

Making MMC is pretty much exactly like making any other kind of mac, the sole difference being the use of CannaMilk instead of regular cow juice. CannaMilk in itself is pretty simple to concoct, just heat some milk, making sure not to boil it, then throw in some finely ground bud, and let it simmer/infuse for about an hour. Strain using a cheese cloth and you're done.

Once you've got your CannaMilk the MMC recipe comes together like any other mac recipe. In fact, you don't even need to use the original recipe outlined by, as you can sub in your CannaMilk into your favourite Mac 'n Cheese recipe. Here's the original recipe for CannaMilk, so you're fully prepared.

Cheesy, gooey, ooey, and a high ol' time is only a couple of recipes away. Yes, the process may take some time, but it's the holidays, and you have some hours to spare. Besides, the holidays are about relaxing and eating good food, and with MMC, you have both at the same time.

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