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Marijuana Marriages Are Now A Thing

I now pronounce you stoner and stoner.
Marijuana Marriages Are Now A Thing

Photo cred - Alison Vagnini for NY Times

Marriage receptions and celebrations don't need to be sloppy alcoholic messes full of family drama and bouts of random crying/puking, because instead of an open bar, a wedding reception can be made fun with weed. No longer a taboo, marijuana wedding celebrations are a new trend in the U.S., and look to be a much better way celebrate a couple's union.

Soon-to-be married couples across Colorado and Washington (where cannabis is legal) have recently infused wedding themes and traditional gifts with weed, reports the NY Times, recreating standard wedding fare like a bride's bouquet into flowers mixed with cannabis buds and leaves.

Other marijuana wedding items include gift bags stuffed with joints and cannabis butter, reception tables named after strains of weed, baby marijuana plants as gifts, and edibles instead of regular desserts. Sounds like a wedding party we'd like to be in.

One major boon to having a weed-fueled wedding, cites many couples, is how the vibe of the reception is much more chilled out and relaxed. While couples have still included an open-bar, they've noticed the mass amounts of marijuana has calmed guests down and made for a less crazy, but still fun, reception, in comparison to other weddings where solely alcohol is served.

You may argue that weed has no place at a wedding, which is traditionally meant to be a sacred union, but in reality, it's up to the couple who is actually getting hitched. Many couples bond over their mutual adoration for all-things weed related, so why not infuse marijuana into the marriage festivities? Weirder weddings have happened (like a Bungee Jump ceremony) so weed shouldn't seem so strange.

Montreal may not have the same weed laws as Colorado or Washington, but it is still home to many marijuana enthusiasts. If anyone is getting married and got inspired by this wedding-trend, remember who pointed you in the right direction. We'll wait for our invites in the mail.

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