Mass Suicide Pact Scandal At Montreal School

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Mass Suicide Pact Scandal At Montreal School

Collège d’Anjou has suspended three students for circulating a fake suicide invitation. 62 students signed on.

According to a statement made by the school, three sheets inviting young people to sign the pact began to circulate at lunchtime. At the time, about 350 students from grades 9, 10, and 11 were seated together. The mass suicide was to take place on January 30.

Lunch supervisors immediately found the three Grade 9 students, who had created the invitation. When questioned, the students claimed that it was a joke.

The school sent out a letter to parents explaining what had happened. In addition, school officials met individually with the students who signed the pact.

There will be no criminal charges filed against the instigators.

Collège d’Anjou is a private, French-language school in northeastern Montreal.

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