Massive Concrete Slab Falls Off Downtown Montreal Building (Photos)

Watch your step out there.
Massive Concrete Slab Falls Off Downtown Montreal Building (Photos)

This morning I was just biking to work, minding my own business, when I came upon a pretty bizarre scene.

I was at a red light on the corner of Park and Prince Arthur and saw that the sidewalk running alongside McGill's New Residence Hall was completely covered in shattered concrete chunks.

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I asked two workers who were on the scene and they said that a massive concrete slab had fallen off the side of the building and landed on car that was parked on the street below.

The workers said this happened at around 3:00 pm. Luckily no one was in the car and somehow no one was walking on the sidewalk at the time.

Via Jeremy_the_wise

Here we can see that the concrete fell from the 10th floor and that the piece itself was pretty much as big the windows! If anyone was walking on the sidewalk below, they definitely would have been killed.

Via jeremy_the_wise

Via Jeremy_the_wise

It's terrifying to think that something like this could happen in Montreal at any time. Back in 2009 a woman was killed when a decorative concrete slab fell through the roof of a downtown restaurant.