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Massive Sinkhole In Canada Keeps Growing Bigger And No One Has A Clue How To Stop It

It's literally eating its way across the town!
Massive Sinkhole In Canada Keeps Growing Bigger And No One Has A Clue How To Stop It

Canada has had it's share of natural disasters in more recent months. From the uncontrollable forest fires on the west coast to the deadly heatwaves across Quebec, it's almost as if our apocalypse has finally begun. 

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While all of us have been focused on these major issues, it turns out a giant sinkhole has been quickly growing in a small town on the east coast. The sinkhole, located in Nova Scotia, has sucked up things such as large trees and picnic tables with larger objects such as cars to most likely be among the next victims.

Via Jeremy Keefe | Twitter

The biggest problem is that the sinkhole is growing faster than anyone can control, and no one really knows how to exactly stop it from growing. In just one night the massive mudslide expanded by about five metres, making each day completely unpredictable. Security is on site 24/7 to ensure no one unknowingly falls into the massive black hole and that it doesn't suck in anything too important while it runs its course.

Scientists currently don't have a clue what's pushing the sinkhole to keep getting bigger at such a fast rate, but one theory is that an underground cavern is beginning to cave which is causing the quick and dangerous formation of the sinkhole.

Via Jeremy Keefe | Twitter

Although this is a super scary and rare occurance, the small town in Nova Scotia has recently gained a ton of visitors and tourists, so at least they have that looking up for them.

In recent days the sinkhole is starting to slow down, so hopefully it will soon end its dangerous tyrade. As for now, it's probably on the safe side to be on the lookout for other major disasters across the country.


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