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Mayor Plante Is Cracking Down On Horrible Landlords In Montreal

Just in time for moving day.
Mayor Plante Is Cracking Down On Horrible Landlords In Montreal

July 1st in Montreal marks both Canada Day and the unofficial moving holiday.

The mass migration of residents causes chaos as moving vans compete for parking spots and panicked tenants rush to vacate old apartments while their new occupants rush in. 

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For many, it is a time of serious remorse. Flaws, damages, and quirks that residents may have missed on their first tour of their new apartments quickly become apparent on moving day.

With such cheap rents, aging architecture, and the ballooning costs of home repair, there is little incentive for landlords to address critical issues.

Montreal Mayor Valérie Plante is aiming to confront such negligence. In a new four point policy announced today, she lays out efforts to hold landlords accountable to their tenants and publicize offenses.

By 2022, Plante promises to triple the number of building inspections by hiring dozens of new city inspectors. A new public database will keep records on building and landlord histories. Fumigation reports will also be available to tenants.

Perhaps the most consequential change will be the scheme by which officials issue tickets for violations. Investigators will have more power to issue fines immediately to landlords, rather than taking the time to compile evidence.

This new policy is part of the mayor's larger project to increase transparency across all aspect of city governance.

Tenants who find unacceptable conditions in their new apartments can file a complaint with the Office municipal d'habitation de Montréal.


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