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Mayor Valérie Plante Wants To Officiate Weddings In Montreal

Mayor. Activist. Officiant.
Mayor Valérie Plante Wants To Officiate Weddings In Montreal

Well, this one gave me my daily news chuckle, that's for sure!

Montreal's first-ever female leader, Valérie Plante is known for many things. She's kind of polarizing to the Montreal public, some love her, some hate her, others (like myself) are sitting somewhere on the middle ground. 

Every time I read news featuring Plante's name, or Projet Montreal, I tend to hold my breath slightly. 

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Today, though, I was pleasantly surprised and found myself smiling at this news.

It seems as though our mayor, Mrs. Valerie Plante, would like to lend her hand to upcoming weddings as the officiant! 

Yes, Valérie Plante could potentially be the familiar face to officiate your upcoming nuptials! 

Plante has put in a request to the ministry of justice to gain the power to solidify a marriage for local couples. Elected officials have been able to do so for civil unions and weddings for over 15 years now, but the request for the power to do so is a formality. 

Valérie Plante would only be performing weddings that take place in the city of Montreal, and only for the remainder of her term in office - however long that ends up being. 

It's worth noting that Denis Coderre "famously" presided over a bunch of weddings in the summer of 2015, so I guess this move just makes sense. Or does it? I'm unsure Plante wants to model any of her activity after Coderre. 

However, Plante doesn't plan to use this new power as a grandstand in the same way Coderre did, staging events at Montreal's City Hall. 

Instead, she plans to use the privilege "sparingly", which to me is a bit of a breath of fresh air. 

So far, Valérie Plante has only received one request to officiate a wedding, but don't worry Valérie - I'm sure more will come?

Now, in the words of RuPaul, the wisest "woman" I know of, "Everybody say LOVE!"

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