A Mega Wholesale Market To Rival Costco Is Coming To Laval & Brossard

Welcome to the 450!
Mayrand Is Coming to Laval & Brossard & Will Rival Costco
  • The Québécois food retailer Mayrand is opening two new stores in the 450 region, and it's about to be Costco's biggest competitor!
  • Mayrand is a warehouse-style store where you can buy food and other products in large quantities.
  • Find out all about the two new store openings below!

We won’t deny it, going for a ride to Costco every and once in a while is pleasant and enjoyable. You go frolicking up the aisles and you make up excuses for needing this pack of 54 shower towels or this new 4K / 3D / HD / VHS television special. But now, imagine that there isn’t only Costco! Well, it’s true, because the food retailer Mayrand has announced the opening of two new stores next spring.

This 100-year-old company is a mix between supermarkets and Costco, and it’s about to take over two spots in the 450. One store will set up at Mail Champlain in Brossard and the other on 440 W in Laval. 

It was confirmed on social networks today.

Mayrand, which has existed in Anjou, Montreal for 105 years, has made the decision to expand its brand. In an interview with La Presse, Mario Belanger, the President of the company, says that "there is room in Quebec for seven or eight stores, four or five of which will be in Montreal. Then we will go to other regions."

Mayrand offers several similarities with the American Costco since it is also in the form of warehouse. You can find a wide range of Quebec products here, inside there is a butcher's shop, a fruit and vegetable market, a fish shop, a charcuterie, and even a cheese factory.

While Costco offers 4,000 products to its customers, the current Mayrand in Anjou has 15,000. And, you don’t need a membership card to shop within the establishment!

On the North Shore of Montreal, the new Mayrand branch will be located in the former Ashley furniture store on Highway 440 West, near its competitor Costco and Carrefour Laval.

In Brossard, the company decided to move to the former Sears site of Mail Champlain, near the Samuel-De Champlain Bridge, in a 50,000 square location.

Each new store will create nearly 70 jobs. So, if you are looking for a job – get your resume ready!

This article was originally published in French on Narcity Québec.

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