McCord Museum Invites You To Party With Super Intelligent Robots Next Week

As part of the Montreal Digital Spring event.

Okay, show of hands: who here LOVES technology? Chances are, you're reading this behind some kind of screen - so yeah, you pretty much love technology.

But if you're also high key fascinated by all things tech, then have I got some awesome news for you. 

Montreal's Digital Spring, a celebration of all things digital in the city, is going down this March 2018. Digital Spring features public installations, screenings, immersive activities and much, much more!

And to help kick-off this super cool season-long celebration in the city, Montreal's very own McCord Museum (690 Sherbrooke St W) will be hosting one super cool event! 

Going down March 22, the Digital Spring x After Hours At The McCord launch party is honestly so, so much more than a simple launch party. In fact, it'll pretty much be the one event you absolutely cannot miss.

The theme of the night? Artificial intelligence, of course! There'll be interactive workshops and participatory activities involving cerebral and sensory experiences in keeping with the theme. And trust, there'll be some super fun AI surprises in store throughout the night.

Surprises like what, I hear you ask? Well, other than some seriously immersive installations - like their Sonification of Brain Waves, where you literally put on an EEG headset to see your brain in action and watch/listen as your own brain waves turn into sound - the Digital Spring x After Hours At The McCord event will let you meet the only two humanoid robots in Canada, Nao and Pepper. 

Let me repeat that, friends: you can literally meet and party with the only two humanoid robots in Canada, right here at this event. Um, goals! 

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Of course, there are other super fun and super immersive tech events that'll be going on that evening, including a facial recognition installation and the "Slow Tech" light and sound installation. 

The event will also feature live music by DJ Tony Almonte, food by Maurin Cuisine, drinks and themed bars (!) by Invasion Cocktail, Boldwin and Le Vin dans les Voiles, door prizes and even a gif booth. 

Drinking, dancing, eating and enjoying all the fun things Montreal's technology world has to offer? Um. Sign me up! 

You can get your tickets right here; they go for $16 now or $20 at the door, or FREE if you're a member of the museum!

For more information on the McCord Museum's Digital Spring x After Hours At The McCord launch party, and to get your tickets, check out their website and Facebook page!