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McDonald's Canada Free Coffee Rewards Card Now Available On The McDonald's App

Not sponsored, I just love cheap coffee.
McDonald's Canada Free Coffee Rewards Card Now Available On The McDonald's App

The most frustrating thing about rewards cards is not having them on hand when you need them. No one likes carrying a wallet full of rewards card, and it can be frustrating to sift through the piles of cards at checkout only to realize that the one card you need is the one you can't find.

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TL;DR McDonald's McCafé rewards is now available on an app: scan a QR code at the cash in-person, or order on mobile and the app will add a sticker to your card automatically.

Many companies now have apps that allow you to keep your cards digital, and apps like StoCard allow you to keep them all in the same place. And, honestly, it's soooo much more convenient that way.

McCafé rewards were still woefully lagging behind: peeling stickers off of cups was fun, but loosing your rewards card was not so fun.

However, it now appears you can collect your rewards right from the McDonald's app! All you have to do is scan a code at the cash register when you order your drink and it will be added to your online card. If you order from your mobile device, the rewards sticker will be applied automatically. 

Try this feature out this week! McDonald's currently has a deal on breakfast sandwiches (buy one for $2.79 plus tax), so now's a good chance to grab a cheap breakfast and rack up your McCafé points.

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McDonald's coffee does cause a lot of heated debates, as people either love it, or hate it, or hate to love it. What camp do you fall under? 

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