McDonald's Canada Is Giving Away $1 Coffee All Month Long

What better cure to your February blues than coffee?
McDonald's Canada Is Giving Away $1 Coffee All Month Long

February is definitely one of the more painful months of the year. After a super long winter the month either welcomes even more snow and cold temperatures or oddly mild warmth accompanied by rain and hail. It's also the time for Valentine's Day, which not everyone is excited about. So, the month is a bit of a downer and we could really use any perks we could get.

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TL;DR From February 5 to March 4 McDonald's Canada is offering any size $1 coffee at participating locations across Canada. Specialty hot beverages or not apart of the promo. More information below.

Luckily, McDonald's wants to cure your February blues, which is why for the next month you can get coffee super cheap from participating locations across Canada.

Starting February 5 Mcdonald's Canada is offering any size coffee for only $1. Not only is it the perfect way to get rid of your pocket change, but you also get a nice hot coffee during the freezing cold days to come.

You can already agree that McDonald's drip coffee is seriously the best pick-me-up on early mornings and even late nights, but now you have even more positivity to attribute to the beverage, as you're going to be saving quite a bit of money.

Especially if you're someone (like myself) who needs a coffee each morning to actually wake up, this new perk is the best news we could get.

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Even better is pairing your warm cup of goodness with one of McDonald's bakery items. Now you have a coffee and a muffin, or brownie or bagel, and it probably cost you less than $5.

The promo lasts until March 4, so you have entire month of $1 coffee in front of you to take full advantage of!

The promo does not apply on any of McDonald's specialty hot drinks, but at least we can now handle the rest of the gloomy season with a perfectly crafted coffee in our hand.


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