McDonald's Canada Is Giving Away Free Big Macs For A Year

You do not want to miss this!
McDonald's Canada Is Giving Away Free Big Macs For A Year

Summer is coming to an end, but don't despair there's still amazing deals and contests that you can look forward to! 

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One of these amazing contests is being given away from McDonalds who often have great deals. Today they also have an amazing contest giveaway that you do not want to miss. 

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From August 27th to September 16th, you have a chance to win an exclusive gold card from McDonalds. What's a gold card you might ask? 

If you win a gold card, that means you get free Big Macs for 1 YEAR! That's right, 1 year of entirely free, delicious Big Macs! The contest is eligible for those living in Canada.

I mean who doesn't love a Big Mac? It's honestly, the best burger ever invented by mankind. 

To win, all ypou have to do is download the mobile app and place an order. Once you complete any mobile order or redeem any offer on the app, you will automatically be entered to win a Big Mac Gold Card.

For more information about the contest, check out McDonald's website.

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