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McDonald's Canada Is Giving Away Free Collectible Coca-Cola Glasses And Here's How To Get Them All

For years McDonald's has been offering limited-time collectible items and goodies. If you're lucky you may still have some of their unique items from the past, which will only gain value as time goes on. Regardless of whether or not you collected these McDonald's treasures for their value or for fun, they usually look pretty cool and it's always a competition between friends and family to see who can collect them all.

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That's why it's exciting to hear that McDonald's Canada is now giving away a new limited-edition collectible Coca-Cola glass that is absolutely FREE. The glass comes in four different colours and looks a lot like an antique cup you're grandparents would use. So even if you're not really into collecting, imagine how cool you'd look at McDonald's drinking out of a super sophisticated glass!

Via Red Flag Deals

Of course, it's not as easy as going into your nearest McDonald's and asking for the cup. First of all, the glass is exclusively at the restaurants located within a Walmart. You may want to find an excuse to do some grocery shopping so you can beat the rush of people searching for the free glass. 

Once you've found your Walmart you may think that the work is over and you and the limited-edition glass can finally be together. Well, not entirely. After you get to the McDonald's all you have to do is order an Extra Value Meal, and there you go! Your beautiful glass will be included in your order for free.

You're only allowed one glass per meal, so in order to get the entire set you just have to order McDonald's four times. At least that gives you a bit of incentive to eat out for the next little while.

The offer is not valid on breakfast Extra Value Meals, Happy Meals, McPicks Meals or coupon offers so be cautious with what you order. You'll be able to grab one (or all!) of these unique cups though September 30, but considering it's free we can expect it to fly off the shelves much sooner! 

Take advantage of this offer and search out your nearest qualifying McDonald's ASAP! Who knows what these glasses will be worth in the future?


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