McDonald's Canada Is Offering $1 Iced Coffee Nationwide All Summer Long

You can also get a $1 fountain drink of any size!
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McDonald's Canada Is Offering $1 Iced Coffee Nationwide All Summer Long

McDonald's Canada has begun to unveil its summer menu, and it's not disappointing!

On Tuesday May 14th,the fast-food restaurant introduced two new items: a Fish & Chips, featuring Atlantic haddock sourced from Nova Scotia fishers, and a Nanaimo Bar McFlurry — two products inspired by some of the most popular Canadian specialties.

Now, McDonald's Canada is bringing back one of customers' favourite summer promotions.

Between now and September 2nd, select beverages will be only $1!

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McDonald's patrons can get a fountain drink of any size for just a single loonie!

Small and medium McCafé Iced Coffees are also just a dollar. Canadians should be sure to tak advantage of this offer on perhaps the most popular summer drinks!

"Enjoy the same consistently rich, smooth, and delicious McCafé Premium Roast Coffee you love, served over ice with milk or cream," the McDonald's website states.

[rebelmouse-image 26892736 photo_credit="McDonald's" expand=1 original_size="660x375"] McDonald's

[rebelmouse-image 26892737 photo_credit="McDonald's" expand=1 original_size="664x372"] McDonald's

Other McDonald's beverages, including some frappés, will be only $2 and $3!

Here is the complete breakdown of $2 and $3 drinks this summer, according to RedFlagDeals:

Drinks that are just $2:

  • small Iced Frappé 

  • small Fruit Smoothies 

  • small Vanilla Chai Tea Iced Frappé 

Drinks that are just $3

  • small Oreo Cookie Coffee Iced Frappé

The promotion "excludes any meals, pairings or other offers. Additional charge for flavour shots and additional toppings."

McDonald's customers should also be aware that "product availability varies by restaurant."

Check out the full promotion on the McDonald's Canada website here!

You can find your closestparticipating McDonald's fanchise here!

For more information,check out the RedFlagDeals posting about the McDonald's Summer Drink Days here!

Happy (almost) summer, Canada!

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