McDonald's Canada Will Be Using Certified Sustainable Beef For Its Burgers

Because eating imported beef is always a gamble.
McDonald's Canada Will Be Using Certified Sustainable Beef For Its Burgers

The Mcdonald's brand is rarely synonymous with "healthy".

Especially when our generation grew up with the Mcdonalds brand heavily associated with junk food. A trip to McDonald's always meant indulging in something that was kinda bad for you.

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But Mcdonalds is working really hard to change the perception of their brand. Over the past years, Mcdonalds have made some positive changes and introduced new items to their menu to show consumers that Mcdonalds is not only a place to indulge guilty-pleasure junk food. 

Most recently, Mcdonalds Canada announced in a press release that it will turn to a local and ethical breeding. Saying, "McDonald’s Canada announced today that it will be the FIRST company in Canada to serve Canadian beef from certified sustainable farms and ranches, beginning with its Angus line-up."

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McD's is going to buy mostly from breeders in Alberta and Saskatchewan. The meat must not contain any additives and no artificial preservatives.  Because when meat is imported, there is no assurance of how the animal was fed and/or treated.

That said, for beef to be considered "sustainable" it must meet the criteria of the Canadian Roundtable for Sustainable Beef (CRSB) certification. 

This means that farms must be environmentally friendly by ensuring that water is not wasted and that soils and biodiversity remain healthy.

Most importantly is the treatment of the animals. The animals must be in good health and should be under the least amount of stress possible and live in good conditions.

It's not only about the treatment of the animals but the employees as well. Staff must work in fair conditions and farms must help one other. 

The final product - the meat -  must pass a series of tests to ensure that it is of good quality and considered clean for consumption.

This is all in an effort to tailor their offering to a new type of savvy consumer. One who is becoming more and more inquisitive about the food they’re eating and want to know it where it comes from and if it produced in a socially responsible way.   
That said, this is a huge step on the part of Mcdonalds and they are the very first company in Canada to take this initiative. Hopefully,  others will follow their example!  


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