McDonald's Canada Now Has Nutella Bagels

Dreams really do come true!
McDonald's Canada Now Has Nutella Bagels

Sometimes the universe comes together to create a match made in food heaven. And this is most definitely one of those times.

McDonald's Canada has just released a brand new menu item that is sure to bring a smile to your face. The all-new Nutella Bagel.

That's right McDonald's actually has Nutella now! You see kids, dreams really do come true.

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TL;DR - McDonald's Canada has just released a Nutella Bagel available at participating restaurants across Canada for a limited time only.

McDonald's knew this news could potentially be overwhelming so they decided to create a simple instructional video in case the excitement is so great that you forgot how to eat a bagel:

The only mistake the instructional video makes is using a plain bagel. Because everyone knows that the sesame seed bagel is best one, just like everyone knows that the boot shaped chicken nugget is the best one.

The new bagels are available for a limited time only participating McDonald’s restaurants in Canada.  So you'd better hurry and get one because they will be gone before you know it.


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