McDonald's Canada Unveils New "Fish & Chips" And "Nanaimo McFlurry" For A Limited Time Only

Summer is just around the corner, and with it come new summer menu items. This is the season of everything savoury and sweet. The veggies are fresh and the ice cream is cold.

Summer is the best food season.

To sweeten it even further, McDonald's Canada has unveiled two brand-new, very Canadian products: a Fish & Chips meal and a Nanaimo McFlurry.

Both are sure to become Canadian summer staples.

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"Made with 100% Atlantic Haddock," the Fish & Chips, in particular has piqued the interest of social media users.

In a classic, small cardboard box, the Fish & Chips evokes the freshness of Atlantic seaside fish shacks.

The flakey white fish will sit atop golden McDonald's fries with a side of tartar sauce.

I personally hope the Fish & Chips is as good as the beloved McDonald's fish sandwich.

The fish in the new combo will also be locally sourced. According to the CBC, the haddock in the meal will come from fishing enterprises in Nova Scotia.

Complement your Fish & Chips box with the new Nanaimo McFlurry, inspired by the classic Canadian dessert featuring custard and chocolate.

In recent years, McDonald's has competed with Tim Hortons to capitalize on the Canadian brand. The introduction of these two new menu items also represents McDonald's Canada's increasing interest in entrenching its distinction from its sibling American company.

The Fish & Chips meal will be available at McDonald's between May 14th and August 30th.

Check it out here!

Happy summer, Canada!

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