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McDonald's Canada Wants To Hire You And Your BFF To Work Together This Summer

And they have a hilarious ad campaign to go with it.
McDonald's Canada Wants To Hire You And Your BFF To Work Together This Summer

One of the worst parts of summer jobs is being separated from your friends. Sure, you can meet new people and become friends with your coworkers, but there's something really special about working with your best friend.

McDonald's has capitalised on this, and the company is attempting to distinguish itself from a crowded field of companies competing for the youth employment market by letting friends apply for jobs together.

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TL;DR McDonald's Canada wants you and your BFF to apply to work there together over the summer. You can apply with your friend online here.

Their new and endearing "Friends Wanted" campaign capitalises on the fact that young people are more likely to apply for a job if the job lets them work with friends.

Working summer jobs with a friends is a really fun way to earn money over the summer, and it's garanteed to make you grow closer.

McDonald's has capitalised on this in their new "Friends Wanted" campaign. The company lets friends apply together online.

To promote this, the fast-food chain has released a series of hilarious ads. The ads show two friends working together in one of McDonald's restaurants.

In one ad, one guy asks the other, "are you going to Ruth's party tonight?" The friend replies yes. The camera pans over to an elder lady, who tells the boys to "bring their dancing shoes."

In another ad, the two friends can be seen changing their name tags to “Mick Chiggen” and "Chris P Nugget" as they try to hold back hysterical laughter.

All four videos can be found here. If you're looking for a fun summer opportunity for you and your BFF, apply!


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