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McDonald's Is Giving Away Any Size Coffee For Only $1 Across Canada

This deal could not have come at a better time!
McDonald's Is Giving Away Any Size Coffee For Only $1 Across Canada

Monday morning is officially here! This means back to work, school and the weekly grind for most Canadians. Luckily, this week is cut short thanks to the upcoming holiday.

Although most of us are wondering how we'll even make it to the long weekend. 

Obviously, we all need a bit of a pick-me-up right about now. It seems like whenever the weather takes a turn for the worst, you probably end up more exhausted. Thankfully, that feeling won't last too long, as McDonald's has just announced a new promotion that will help us make it through to warmer weather.

From now until the end of April, McDonald's will be offering Any Size Coffeefor only $1 across Canada.

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TL;DR From now until April 28, 2019, McDonald's will be offering their Any Size Coffee promotion for only $1 in select regions across Canada. Even extra-large regular coffee is eligible for the deal. More details below.

It was announced over the weekend that the new promotion will allow Canadians to purchase a regular coffee at any size, including extra-large, for only $1.

Seriously, imagine the money you'll be saving over the next few weeks if you're only spending a buck on coffee per day!

The McDonalds promotion officially ends on April 28, 2019. You still have two weeks before then to make the most of the basically-free coffee.

The deal definitely gave us all a reason to enjoy the rest of the month. Despite April not really knowing what season it belongs in, beginning the brisk mornings with a cup of joe will make every Canadian feel a little bit better.

The $1 Any Size Coffee promotion is available at select McDonald's across the country. Head to your nearest location today to see if your region is giving away the hot drinks at a reduced price this month.

This is by far the best deal we could receive right now! Nothing goes better with chilly spring mornings than a hot caffeinated beverage.

Stay tuned for more deals on food and drinks across Canada.


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