McDonalds Has Gone Classy With The Quarter Pounder Jewelry Series

McDonalds just levelled up in class. Breaking free from the mold of fast food, and the assumed low quality which comes with the food-genre, McDonalds has released the Quarter Pound Jewlery Series to its Japanese market. Wrapped up in sleek minimalist packaging, and not the traditional brown paper bag, the burgers look to be something ordered from a luxury burger boutique rather than a run of the mills McDonalds.

Priced at 1,000 yen (about ten dollars Canadian), not including fries or drink, these new burgers don't try to pull the 'affordable but tastes expensive' card. You do get what you pay for as the Quarter Pounder Jewelry burgers are decked out with a few ritzy additions.

First up is the Gold Ring, a burger topped with thickly sliced pineapple and bacon, monterey jack cheese, and some barbecue sauce for good measure. Sounds like a Hawaiin pizza on a bun, which sounds good to me.

The Black Diamond features black truffle sauce, grilled mushrooms, onions, and cheese. McDonalds and truffle sauce...worlds collide.

And last, but certainly not least, is the Ruby Spark, including five slices of chorizo with avacado and cheese.

The entire Jewelery Series sounds delicious, but is McDonalds reaching too far out of its comfort zone? McDonald's does 'bad' fast food the best, so should we have faith in their abilities or just assume they can't do fancy? And how long until North America gets its own line of ballin' burgers?

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