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McDonald's Is Giving Away FREE Fries In Canada For National French Fry Day

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McDonald's Is Giving Away FREE Fries In Canada For National French Fry Day

Fast food chains love to ride the waves of trending news. Social media announcements and promotions are fun for the savvy web surfer and fast food fan.

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Chief among such entrepreneurial chains, of course, is the North American classic, McDonald's. McDonald's Canada, in particular, is known for its novelty items and quirky spirit of celebration. And the teeny tiny maple leaf on the golden arches is just too darn cute for any Canadian to ignore.

Today, the OG fast food company continues its tradition of special releases with the announcement that Canadian chains will give away FREE fries in Canada for national French Fry Day.

In case that date is not already marked on your calendar, that's this Friday, July 13th!

But there's a catch (as there usually is): patrons will have to place their orders through the McDonald's app available for both Apply and Android products. The fries will also only accompagny regular orders, so a singular side of fries will cost you full price.

This is the second such exciting announcement from McDonald's Canada in the last month. In June, the chain unveiled the limited return of its famed szechuan sauce, which first appeared as a promotional item for the 1998 animated film Mulan and then achieved cult fame after a well-known episode of Rick and Morty.

With scorching temperatures expected to return later this week, truly nothing sounds better than enjoying free fries in my local air-conditioned McDonald's.


    Thomas MacDonald
    Senior Editor
    Thomas MacDonald is a Senior Editor for MTL Blog focused on Montreal public transit and is based in Montreal, Quebec.
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