McDonald's Is Giving Away FREE Fries In Montreal Today

Today, residents of Montreal awoke to find a lovely day before them. Take advantage of this while you can; we're in for a tempestuous and unpredictable November.

Fortunately, McDonald's has made an announcement that will make this day even better: FREE fries all day across Montreal. 

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TL;DR McDonald's is giving away free fries today in Montreal! All you need to do is have the McDonald's app on your phone, be at least 13 years old, and show up at a participating location.

The extremely popular fastfood chain has committed to giving away free medium fries every time the Montreal Canadiens score the first goal in a match. Yesterday, that was just the case! 

So today, Montrealers will be able to pick up their free, savoury snack after 11 AM.

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To take advantage of this offer, you must simply have the McDonald's app, which is free to download on both iPhone and Android, be over the age of thirteen, and order at a participating franchise.

To find McDonald's locations participating in the offer, enter your location on the app, which will then indicate where in your proximity you can get your hands on some free fries. 

There is apparently a limit of one medium fries per customer. But why not show up with a few friends, each order a medium portion of fries, and then pool your winnings into a single, enormous quantity?

Le tricolore n’a pas niaisé avec la puck en marquant le #McBut! Des frites gratuites vous attendent!

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November 7, 2018

This is definitely the thing to get you through hump day. 

Maybe you can ride the joy of free fries all the way to the weekend? Probably not.