McDonald's Is Giving Away FREE Herb & Garlic Fries This Week

These festive fries are free for this week only.
McDonald's Is Giving Away FREE Herb & Garlic Fries This Week

Okay, so let's start with the fact that McD's is making herb & garlic fries?! This was complete news to me and let me say, I am here for it. McDonald's fries are friggen amazing as is, but add a "festive blend" of oregano, parsley, thyme, sage and garlic... I'm drooling. We've all seen the YouTube videos of people making home-made McD's seasoned fries so clearly the fast food chain has heard and answered our prayers.

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TL;DR McDonalds in Canada are giving away FREE herb and garlic fries for this week only, with any purchase of $1. Download the McDonald's app to get the deal.

With any purchase of $1, McDonald's restaurants in Canada are offering their herb and garlic fries for FREE. That means you can straight up go buy a drink and walk out with free, delicious, festive McD's fries. For only a dollar, it seems like McD's is pretty down to be handing out these new fries -- so why not go give them a try? 

Head out to your local McDonald's before Saturday the 8th and snag this freebie. Make sure you mention the deal before you order, they're not going to just toss free fries at you after you've paid. Once you have the app you can just show the QR code at the counter 

Double check on the app that your closest McD's is a "participating" location -- not every location is going to have these babies so be sure you find one that does. The app will show you a map of participating restaurants so don't get caught going somwhere that won't offer this seasoned specialty!

Also, unsurprisingly, this offer is one per person so don't think you're going to survive this week on free fries and Diet Cokes from McD's... unless they're as amazing as they look, in which case I'm more than down to pay full price. 


To cash in on this sweet deal you'll need to download the McDonald's app and find the associated QR code. The app has a bunch of random deals and they're all special to the app, so you won't even find them on the McDonald's website. Another great deal this week is that almost all McDonald's breakfast sandwiches are only $2.69, also until the 8th. That includes McMuffins, Breakfast Bagels and McGriddles. 

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