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FREE McDonald's Cheeseburgers In Montreal

And you have the Habs to thank for it!
FREE McDonald's Cheeseburgers In Montreal

Put it down in the record books ladies and gentlemen. On this fine day, April 27th 2015, the stars have aligned. After a game changing 2-0 win for the Montreal Canadiens, McDonald's have decided to celebrate in the most beautiful way one could imagine.


That's right. For today and today only, McDonald's is giving out free cheeseburgers as a thank you to the Montreal Canadiens. I am forever indebted to you. As a broke student I would just like to say thank you. I needed this.

Before you go running off to show your Habs pride by stuffing your tummy with goodness, please take a sec to download this coupon on your phone or print it out, because you can't get your cheeseburgers without them!

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