McDonald’s Is Now Serving "Waffle Fries Poutine" In Canada

You'll be loving it.
McDonald’s Is Now Serving "Waffle Fries Poutine" In Canada

A few weeks back, I stumbled into a McDonald's and saw they had 2 new items on their menu.

There was burger with a hash-brown inside and there were the new waffle fries. But since I don't like change, I got my regular trio and left.

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Yesterday I went back, because it was the closest place to buy a poutine, when I suddenly had a great idea: What if I McDonald's made a waffle fry poutine.

So I asked them to make it for me. The girl at the counter looked really confused, so she called the manager who just said: "sure, we can do that".

5 minutes later I proudly walked away with the world's first McDonald's Waffle Fry Poutine in my hands.

And it was fuckin' awesome!

In case you're curious, they just charged me for the waffle fries, the gravy and cheese separately which added up to $5.95. That's only a few cents more than a regular poutine.

I highly recommend it.

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