McDonald's Is Selling Cones For Just $1 Across Canada

All we need it that sweet summer heat to go with it!
McDonald's Is Selling Cones For Just $1 Across Canada

It's officially summer and that means the temperatures are demanding we cool down with some sweet treats.

I can now happily announce that you will be able to buy McDonald's infamous soft serve for only $1.

And even better, this is not a one-day event... this deal is going to last aaaaall summer long, so get ready cause it's gunna be a good time. 

Just as McDonald's is now doing their Dollar Drink days, they are now celebrating the start of summer with the launch of $1 Vanilla Cones, like the beautiful specimen you see below.

Is there anything better than heading to McDo's in the afternoon and grabbing a sweet little cone for your stroll home from work?

Well, it seems most Canadians are pretty big fans of the sweet treat, and luckily for us, McDonald's is here to provide for us, for the very low, low price of $1.

As part of the launch, McDonald's has also announced the cities in Canada that are the biggest McD's cone lovers... and the representation is very well balanced!

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McDonald's Top Cone-Loving Cities In Canada Are:

  1. Bathurst, NB
  2. Regina, SK
  3. Laval, QC
  4. Calgary, AB
  5. Squamish, BC
  6. Orleans, ON

Way to go, Laval! We knew you had it in you.

The $1 Summer Cone event officially starts tomorrow, Tuesday, June 4th, 2019 and will run all summer, until September 2nd, 2019.

McDonald's ice cream in Canada is made with 100% Canadian dairy and therefore has no hormones, antibiotics and no artificial flavours or colours. 

WHAT: $1 Vanilla cones at McDonald's

WHEN: Every day between June 4th and September 2nd, 2019

WHERE: Your local McDonald's - find your location here!

COST: $1 plus tax

For all the info on the top cone-loving cities in Canada, head to the Newswire press release here.