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McDonald’s McGoal Is Back This Season And Here’s How You Can Get Free Fries

Last year, McDonald's gave away 376,000 free fries!
McDonald’s McGoal Is Back This Season And Here’s How You Can Get Free Fries

Although summer has come to an ABRUPT end, don't get too bummed out. The end of summer only means the beginning of one of Canada's favourite eras: Hockey season, baby! And to celebrate the best season of the year, it just so happens that McDonald's is bringing back the McGoal promotion!

If you're not familiar, basically what the promotion means is every time the Habs score the first goal of ANY game (whether they're playing in Montreal or elsewhere) people across our beautiful province of Quebec can get a free (!!) medium French fry order the next day in a McDonald's restaurant and all you have to do is have the My McD's app. Yep, I'm literally drooling on my keyboard as I write this!

The BEST part about this promotion is that there is NO purchase necessary! You just have to show up with the app and show the offer on your phone the next day between 11am and 4am. 

You don't even have to be paying attention to games. If you have the app,  you'll get a notification when FREE fries are available for you! This literally cannot get any better. 

Last year, McDonald's gave away 376,000 free medium fries during their McGoal promotion... which, BTW, are enough fries for everyone in the whole city of Longueuil, or the Bell Centre 17 times. One guy even claimed himself 30 medium fries for free! I mean, who wouldn't want a piece of that pie? (Or... fry?). 

Also, quick heads up: The season officially started October 3rd, so get ready to start your free feasting! Download the app NOW so you don't miss out on a single free French fry. (Oh, and PS? The Habs scored the first goal right on the season opener, so get ready to score some fries!)

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And trust us - whenever the Habs actually score first, get to your closest McDonald's ASAP, 'cause if this season is anything like last season, you have nearly 1 in 2 chances to score free fries

Download the My McD's app to get your free French fries! And make sure to follow McDonald's on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram