McDonald's Now Has An All-New Vegan Burger

McDreams really do come McTrue.
McDonald's Now Has An All-New Vegan Burger

No matter how hard they try to step up their salads or their "more sensible" food options, it's kinda hard to picture McDonald's as being healthy.  

But if their newest product is successful, healthier McDonald's burgers may soon be an option. 

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McDonald's is currently testing a 100% vegan burger in they restaurants in Finland (seriously). The new burger is called The McVegan which is a word we thought would never exist. 

The McVegan is made up of a single soy patty topped with, lettuce, tomato, onion, pickles, ketchup, and mustard.

Hopefully the trials will do well because even as a meat eater i'm extremely curious to see how it tastes.  

Would you give it a try?


10 Best Restaurants Opening This November 2017 In Montreal

A new month, a new selection of spots to try!

Fall is a prime-time to step your foodie game. As the temperature drops, socializing with friends takes a turn to low-key drinks and food mode, and intense partying of the summer winds down.  Trust me, it's a good thing.

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Montrealers are in for a treat this month - from Thai to tacos - there are tons of new food options to choose from.  Whether it's casual or fine dining, have a look at some of the highly anticipated restaurant opening of the season. Enjoy!

1. If you're craving a little spice in your life, stop by Taco Turnp in the mile-ex area, just opened this week!

Stop everything, new taco spot alert! I don't care how many taco spots are opening, I get excited for each and every one. Because who doesn't love tacos?! Taco Trunp just opened up this fall right near Beaubien metro. Enjoy!

Where: 388 Rue St. Zotique
Opening: October 15th
Type: Mexican

More info

2. For a taste of the islands grab a patty at Lloydies, the new Caribbean joint everyone's talking about.

via @lloydies.mtl

The Caribbean cuisine game is really stepping up in Montreal, and I can't tell you how happy that makes me. Nothing is more comforting than a warm flakey patty or a savory and aromatic curry. If Caribbean food is also your ting, check out Lloydies, just opened!

Where: 66 St. Viateur West
Opening: October 17th
Type: Carribean

More info

3. If you're feeling healthy, sample a photogenic bowl at Barley a new cereal bar in Little Burgundy.

via @barley

Get your camera phone ready - a new concept, Barley Cereal Bar just hit the town! Serving up granola and yogurt bowls of different flavors and type. These photogenic bowls will fill and satisfy your stomach as well as your Instagram feed. Check their site below!

Where: 2613 Notre Dame West
Opening: October 13th
Type: Breakfast / healthy

More info

4. Craving Thai? No problem. For a casual south-east Asian experience, Epicerie Pumpui is opening soon.

via @pumpuimontreal

Savory noodles are my weakness. So I am pleased to hear the heart of Little Italy is soon going to have a casual Thai resto/market. Quick eats and unique south-east Asian ingredients is the name of the game. Opening any day now. Check out their page for more details!

Where: 83 St-Zotique East
Opening: Early November TBA
Type: Thai/ south-east Asian

More info

5. If you're craving a modern bistro/pub experience, Pub La Chienne A Jacques is opening soon in the Blainville area.

via @pubchienneajacques

You think that Laval or anything outside the Plateau isn't relevant, think again. A new pub is about to open - Pub La Chienne a Jaques will be serving up modern pub classics in a laid-back industrial setting. Perfect for a date night or drinks with the crew. Check out their IG for a sneak peak!

Where: 625 Rue Cure - Labelle, Local 2
Opening: October 26th
Type: Modern bistro pub

More info

6. Cafe Jouney - Mediterranean casual eats in a laid-back atmosphere just opened in the heart of Guy-Concordia.

via @cafejouney

If your a student around the Guy area this might be a good option for a quick and healthy lunch. Serving up some vibrant and high-quality wraps and salads, Cafe Jouney looks as tasty as it does beautiful. Check out their IG below!

Where: 1486 Saint-Catherine West
Opening: October 18th
Type: Mediterranean Cafe

More info

7. A Sake resto bar is coming soon! Le Blossom is serving up hand rolls in a sleek and modern atmosphere, right downtown.

via @leblossombar

I love when new concept breaks into the resto scene in Montreal. A modern sake bar for 5 a 7's or date night is just what downtown core needed. Le Blossom is set to open soon. Check out their Facebook page for some teasers!

Where: 1101 Boulv de Maisoneuve East
Opening: Early November TBA
Type: Modern Japanese/ sake bar

More info

8. A modern French bistro is coming to the Old Port - Restaurant Monarque is highly anticipated and set to open soon.

via @restaurant.monarque

The owners of the much-loved classic Laurier bistro - Lemeac, are opening up a new concept in the heart of the Old Port. If the food is anything like Lemeac, Restaurant Monarque is surely going to be a success with tourists and locals alike.

Where: 406 Saint-Jacque
Opening: Mid-November TBA
Type: French bistro

More info

9. A new hybrid market/resto spot OKE POKE just opened right near Jean Talon Metro.

If you haven't tried a Poke Bowl yet please get out from that rock you've been hiding under. There is a reason why a food trend like this catches on so fast because it's insanely delicious - not to mention, easy on the waistline. It's a win/win. Check out OKE POKE's opening day event page below!

Where: 75 Shamrock
When: October 13th
Type: Japanese / Poke

More info

10. For a real taste of Catalonia - modern tapas bar and restaurant Iberica is opening soon downtown.

Want to go to Barcelona without the 7-hour flight? Restaurant Iberica is opening soon in the heart of downtown Peel area. So if you're a fan of southern Spanish delights such as cured hams and fine cheeses - get excited, and check out the details below!

Where: 1450 Rue Peel
Opening: November TBA
Type: Tapas / Spanish

More info

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