McDonald's Trick Lets Customers Order A Free Burger On Self-Service Machine (Video)

It turns out self-serve machines aren't foolproof after all.
McDonald's Trick Lets Customers Order A Free Burger On Self-Service Machine (Video)

You may have found some sort of loophole during different food deals at restaurants, maybe you were even able to grab something for free without the employees ever even knowing. 

Although it's exciting to find a hack that let's you get away with paying less, nothing beats this YouTube video that was uploaded over the weekend of an unbelievable hack going on at select McDonald's locations.

In case you didn't know, self-serve machines at the chain restaurant aren't always perfect, and sometimes punching a certain combo can leave you receiving some free food.

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TL;DR A viral YouTube video uploaded over the weekend shows a group of Australian friends making an order on a McDonald's self-serve machine. When 10 patty-less burgers and one regular burger are ordered, the total checkout price comes to $0.

The video below shows a group of Australian friends at one of their local McDonald's (informally known as "Maccas" in Australia) playing around with one of the self-service machines. 

It seems this trick will only works because that particular McDonald's has a 1$ hamburger promotion.

Normally a hamburger in Australia is $2.50 so when you remove the beef patty, the machine removes $1.10 from the price of your bill.

However the price reduction wasn't adjusted, so even though the burger only cost $1 during the promotion, the machine still removed $1.10 from the bill when the patty was removed. 

When the guys in the video added 10 pattyless burgers, their bill was -$1.00. So when they added 1 hamburger the bill came out to $0!

Yes, you read that right, $0.

The YouTube video has already accumulated over one million views. It is unclear, however, whether this is possible at all McDonald's locations and all self-service machines.

Regardless, it just proves that the self-serve machines at McDonald's aren't exactly foolproof.