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McGill Ranked #2 University In Canada, Concordia Ranked #17

Bravo, McGill!
McGill Ranked #2 University In Canada, Concordia Ranked #17

Trying to choose your future alma mater? Or perhaps you are a McGill alum and are just here to feel immense pride.

Either way, it's awesome to know that Canadian universities are ranking in the top 100 in the world... as it should be!

TL;DR Montreal's McGill University has ranked in the top 50 universities worldwide this year, along with a couple other Canadian universities. See how they've done, along with other Montreal universities like Concordia and U de M.

If you are thinking about attending McGill this year, this just proves that you'd be making a great choice.

Departments at McGill include Agricultural and Environmental Sciences, Arts, Education, Engineering, and several Interdisciplinary programs.

McGill University has ranked 33rd on the QS World University Ranking with a 91.4 out of 100 in terms of academic reputation, a 93 in employer reputation and a 96 in international students making the overall score an 81.7.

The world ranking considers several indicators including academic reputation, employer reputation, faculty to student ratio, citations per faculty, international faculty ratio and international student ratio.

The top 5 schools and their overall scores are MIT (100), Stanford (98.6), Harvard (98.5), Caltech (97.2), and Oxford (96.8).

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Other Canadian universities that made the top 100 include:

University of Toronto - #28 with an overall score of 83.

University of British Columbia - #47 with an overall score of 75.8

While Montreal's McGill has fallen since it's shining moment at #18 in 2012, we can still be proud that it's on the top 100.

The institution sits with a solid Academic and Employer reputation as well as a high ratio of international faculty and students. 

Other Montreal school rankings include:

University de Montreal - #149 with an overall score of 

Concordia University - #464 with an overall score of 25.2

So... with all this information... where would you study?!

Check out the full list here.

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