McGill University Hosting A Massive Student Party At Beach Club In May

McGill University Hosting A Massive Student Party At Beach Club In May

As most students know, Frosh is a rite of passage that has marked most students' University experience. It is usually a week-long event dedicated to welcoming new students. It is where you can meet most of your fellow students, begin amazing friendships and fully understand the concept of regret. However, in real terms it means partying with fellow students on the daily and sharing the best experience of all Frosh, the Beach Day concert.

Since Beach Day takes place only during your first year experience, all of us, older and wiser students really wish we could go back, and now our dreams have come true thanks to the Student Society of McGill University with the Grad Frosh 2015.

I'll give you a chance to regain control of your bodily functions and save the date that will change your life: May 30th.

Grad Frosh 2015 is the first event of its kind being run at McGill. And what's even better, you don't even have to be a graduate student to party with all your friends. You can even invite non-McGill students to attend as long as everyone is over 18 and has a valid ID with them. Praise the SSMU!

Until now, 1000 tickets have been released and they are 25$ each, which includes a round trip shuttle from McGill as well as a free beverage. So hurry up because 500 were sold in the 6 hours after sales opened and the beach will be full very soon.

Check the Facebook Event for the full lineup and for more information.

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