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McGill University Student's Incredible 500Km-Walk From Montreal To Toronto

Understanding the daily struggles a refugee must go through is a near impossible task for us in Canada. Safe inside our comfortable homes, in a rather liberal country, we simply don't experience the hardships of a person forced to flee from their country of origin.

McGill student Majdi Hareri wants to combat this fact and help Canadians better understand and sympathize with migrants and refugees. To do so, Hareri, of Syrian-Canadian heritage, is putting himself in the shoes of a refugee (quite literally) as he walks 500 kilometres from Montreal to Toronto entirely on foot.

On average, a migrant or refugee will walk 25 kilometers every single day, and to raise awareness on this daily struggle, Hareri is doing the same. Since April 2nd, Hareri has been walking a full 25km each day, a journey that will go on until April 22nd.

Dubbed the "500 KM Walk for Migrants and Refugees," Hareri hopes his endeavor will raise awareness and sympathy for refugees in need of aid, and support them in any way possible.

For every kilometer he walks, Hareri is also asking Canadian citizens to donate one penny, making for a donation of $5 in total. All funds raised will then go towards a "a charity helping Migrants and Refugees in Europe," as outlined on the philanthropic initiative's website.

Quite the undertaking, both physically and emotionally, Hareri has already experienced a fair amount of obstacles in his journey. The (very) cold weather at the start of the month proved to be rather difficult to deal with, as Hareri documented on his ongoing vlog posts, as did certain physical injuries that came about due to the sheer amount of walking Hareri must do every day.

But hardships are all a part of the process; a truly impassioned undertaking, Hareri has found a way to create positive change while inspiring others to do the same.

The initiative displayed by Hareri demonstrates how one individual can help many, and that we shouldn't pass up a chance to aid those in need. Hareri is giving us all this chance through his 500km walk, so if you can, donate to the crowdfunding campaign and help make a difference.

To find out more about the 500 KM Walk for Migrants and Refugees, head to the official website and Facebook page here.

See how the journey has been going in the video below.

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