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McGill's "Open Air Pub" Is Opening This August

The 'best place on earth' is back.

The pride and joy of McGill University, aka OAP, is back again this year for a glorious two weeks of fun, friends, music, food and of course, a couple of cold drinks. For anyone that isn't familiar with the majestic OAP, it stands for Open Air Pub and is one of the highlights of any McGill student's university career.

From August 31 until September 11 the "Three Bares Park" on McGill campus (just up from the main entrance) will be transformed into a massive outdoor pub with a huge bar, multiple barbecues, and a stage with awesome live music.

While the pub is usually full with froshees and returning students, it is open to anyone, just as long as you're with someone who goes to McGill. As a frequent OAP-goer I highly recommend trying it at least once - the drinks are always cheap and the music's always great, so it makes for a pretty awesome afternoon and/or evening.

Just make sure you get there on the earlier side because the lineup to get in can get out of control. Oh, and since it's run by the engineering department, all of the proceeds go towards supporting their design clubs, so you can feel even better about every drink you buy.

For more information check out the OAP Facebook page.

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