Meet The New Mascot Of The Montreal Biodome

And no, it's not a runaway lynx.
Meet The New Mascot Of The Montreal Biodome

Cover photo - Pammie76

Sloths, the super-cute yet incredibly stupid and lazy teddy bears of the jungle, are now the proud new mascots of the Montreal Biodome.

The new mascot was announced yesterday as Espace Pour la Vie (the group running the Biodome, Insectarium, Botanical Garden, and Planetarium) released their new initiative to "hurry up slow down" and enjoy nature.

Sloths were chosen for obvious reasons, as their pretty much known as nature's slowpokes. You'll get to see a bed (group) of sloths at a special exhibition running from June 7 to October 26 at the Biodome, which will be a habitat-art installation inspired by sloth's natural surroundings.

Special shows will also be running at the three other Espace Pour la Vie locales, you just won't see sloths there. An art show will be held at the Botanical Gardens (May 18 to August 31), musical performances will be heard at the Insectarium (June 21 to August 30), and a new show will be released at the Planetarium (April 17 to 27), along with much more. Read all about the new exhibits and shows, and more info on the Biodome's sloths, in the official press release.

In honour of the not-so-mighty sloth/new Biodome mascot, here are some sloths that pwned the internet.

Are you excited for sloths?

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