Meet The Spartan Race Of Winter, The Polar Hero Race

A city-wide winter fitness competition.
Meet The Spartan Race Of Winter, The Polar Hero Race

Are you a winter warrior? Are you man or woman enough to brave the elements of the season and tear through a obstacle course, crushing the competition and leaving them all in your snowy dust? Are you a Polar Hero? Time to find out at Polar Montreal presented by Fondation Sportera, a city-wide competition and charity event that will test your winter mettle.

Solo or on a team, you can take on Polar Hero's 5km long course filled with 15 different winter-y obstacles, an equally fun and intense way to test your endurance while having some snowy fun. Taking place at Paintball Commando Rive Sud in Saint Julie on Febuary 22nd, this will a be a chance to earn bragging rights and help others, with proceeds of going towards AlterGo.  No time restraints either, just the incentive to get the course done and earn the title of Polar Hero. All are welcome to participate, in any fitness level.

Feel like you're not quite up to taking on Polar Hero? Get your fitness ready at two training sessions on January 25th and February 8th, both held at the statue at Mont Royal park starting at 9:45am.

If competing for the title of Polar Hero isn't quite your thing, the event will still be super cool (pun intended). While you watch Montreal run through the snow, you can happily enjoy a cup of soothing mulled wine, or throw a snowball at any participant or organizer. After the winners have been announced, stick around for a hopping party to close the event, where a DJ will bring all participants and the audience together in a huge winter jam.

Got what it takes? Then register now, and see if you truly are a Polar Hero.

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