Meghan Markle Is Welcomed With Adorable Baby Gift On The First Stop Of Her Royal Tour In Australia (Video)

Less than 24-hours ago, Meghan and Harry arrived in Australia on their very first stop of their Royal tour down under.

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TL;DR On the first stop of their Royal Tour Meghan Markle and Harry receive an adorable baby gift from Australian officials. Here is a video that captured this very cute moment!

First off, Meghan stuck to the Royal protocol for travel abroad and wore a sleeveless cream colored body-hugging-yet-sophisticated dress by local designer Karen Gee. 

The Royal couple was first set to make an appearance at Admiralty House where they received their very first baby gift, a plush kangaroo and mini Ugg boots. 

Harry and Meghan have been give a kangaroo and its Joey. Our first baby gift! Exclaims Meghan.

October 15, 2018

This moment is priceless, really. You can sense an air mild tension, as the young couple received their very first baby gift. They are probably getting used to the news being public themselves.

Watch as Prince Harry clutches those adorable little Uggs, though. My heart is melting. Ultimately, they both look bright-eye and excited to share the news with the world as Meghan Markle exclaims "our first baby gift!"

The Royal couple then paid a visit to the Toronga Zoo and got up close and personal with some very funny-looking Australian critters.

The Duke and Duchess meet Lynx, a short legged echinda. The couple ask if he is drooling because he's stressed, and are told no, he's "excited to see them"

October 15, 2018

The only living thing that was unimpressed to see Meghan and Harry was this fuzzy Koala that looked aloof and totally disinterested as Meghan stands by.

Harry and Meghan meet a 🐨

October 15, 2018

This was only the first stop and it was already very eventful. Excited to see how the rest of the Royal tour will unfold.

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