Meghan Markle Just Revealed That Everyone Has The Wrong Information About Her New Royal Dog

The rumours are all false.
Meghan Markle Just Revealed That Everyone Has The Wrong Information About Her New Royal Dog

The gossip and speculation surrounding Meghan Markle's new Royal dog has almost blown up as much as the drama between her and Thomas Markle, her estranged father. 

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TL;DR During a recent Royal visit to Sussex, Meghan Markle and Prince Harry revealed that all the recent rumors and speculation circulating about their new black labrador "Oz" are false. 

Can we blame people for caring though? Dogs are awesome. 

That said, Meghan Markle is a dog-lover as well. She even brought over to London one of her beloved rescue dogs, a fuzzy beagle named Guy, who has happily settled into his canine Royal life.

You can see Meghan's beagle Guy below spending time riding around town with the Queen who is also known to be fond of dogs. Very cute.

A friend kindly alerted me to a very sweet moment we missed yesterday - the Queen travelling with Meghan's beagle guy spotted by the talented Lainey Gossip https://madaboutmeghan.blogspot.con/2018/05/live-blog-day-before-wedding.html

May 18, 2018

Now, there is a new Royal dog in town

It was speculated that Meghan and husband Prince Harry adopted a new Royal pooch, a male black lab, and named it Oz.

But details regarding the new furry member of the family we're confusing and unclear and had everybody scrambling to find out more about the Royal pet.

A few weeks later, a picture of a woman who looked a lot like Meghan walking a dog ended up circulating the internet like wildfire. 

So incredibly enough, walking by @kensingtonroyal -we spotted this beautiful, woman with a familiar air”outside the entrance to the private residence where Harry& Meghan live . MEGHAN!? her dog was doing his business. She couldn’t have been sweeter.

September 12, 2018

Who is this dog? Why isn't it a black lab? So many pressing questions are unanswered!

The Palace later confirmed that despite what the internet said, this woman was NOT Meghan Markle. 

This is not surprising. I would never assume that Meghan Markle walks her own dogs – consider the public reaction when she closed her own car door.

Moving along – during their recent visit to Sussex, Meghan and Harry were given a drawing of their other dog Guy, and Meghan began to laugh saying that no one has the right information about their new dog.

Turns out, the reports from the Daily Mailregarding the dog we're all wrong.

Harry then cheekily reminded everyone that no one has actually seen the dog with their own eyes, and Meghan pointed out that everyone keeps getting "her" name wrong. See the video below:

Meghan and Harry visit the Survivors’ Network in Brighton

October 3, 2018

The major takeaway: we need an experienced secret service agent to crack the mystery of the Royal dog because we STILL don't know much about it.  

And most importantly, always take Royal news with a grain of salt. 

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