Meghan Markle's Dad Reveals He Was Colluding With Paparazzi And Staging Photos

This is a new low.
Meghan Markle's Dad Reveals He Was Colluding With Paparazzi And Staging Photos

Some shocking new information about Meghan Markle and her dad proves that one should constantly be sceptical of EVERYTHING you see online.

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We have come to a point where a cold hard picture is no longer enough to prove that something did in fact happen.

A brand new interview the DailyMail conducted with Meghan Markle's father reveals some astonishing new insights; shaking up the already volatile relationships between the Royal Family and Thomas Markle.

Before the Royal Wedding, a lot of rumours and controversy circulated regarding the presence of Thomas Markle at the Royal Wedding.

Some pictures of him we're snapped at a menswear shop looking like he was getting fitted for a suit.  Despite these photos seemingly showing that he was getting ready for the wedding, in the end, Thomas Markle backed out of the Royal Wedding at the last minute claiming that he was unable to attend due to his recovering from heart surgery.

It has been revealed today that those photos of him getting fitted for a suit were in fact staged. In other words, 100% fake news. 

Thomas Markle was colluding with the paparazzi to make a measly few bucks.

What makes this whole situation worse, in the past, Prince Harry actually reached to warn Thomas Markle about the dangers of making deals with the press.

Thomas Markle completely disregarded Prince Harry's advice and went on to stage these photos of him getting measured for a suit.

Prince Harry later contacted Thomas Markle to ask him if these photos were legitimate. To escalate the situation even further, Mr. Markle then lied to Prince Harry and told him he was being fitted for a hoodie. 

Prince Harry then allegedly contacted Thomas Markle and in a heated phone call told Thomas Markle that he should have listened to the earlier advice he gave him regarding the dealing with the press.

Thomas Markle reportedly got so upset - he was apparently recovering from heart surgery - that he hung up the phone on Prince Harry.

Although Thomas Markle does agree that Prince Harry did have a point, it seems that Mr.Markle is getting really fed up with this drama, and to be honest, so is everyone else.

Mr. Markle often makes hostile remarks about his daughter and the Royal Family followed by kind and loving ones.  So - which is it Mr. Markle? His feelings toward the Royal Family at this point are ambiguous and confusing at best.

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