People Are Making Racist Comments Against Meghan Markle On Social Media And The Situation Is Getting Out Of Control

Kensington Palace can't keep up with the volume of hate comments on instagram.
People Are Making Racist Comments Against Meghan Markle On Social Media And The Situation Is Getting Out Of Control

Since the announcement that Meghan Markle was engaged to Prince Harry, the media has eaten up everything about the newest British royal, from what she eats to what she wears.

The tabloids have often been criticised for spreading unnecessary rumours with racist undertones. But a new group has come under fire recently for its savage attacks on the Duchess of Sussex — the fans.

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TL;DR Kensignton Palace is urging fans on Twitter and Instagram to stop their hateful comments towards Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle. Below you can find some examples of racialized comments towards Markle. 

Fan theories range from the bizarre to the outrageous. Some fans going as far as to allege that Meghan Markle is faking her pregnancy.

Though both the attacks on Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle are spiteful, the comments about Markle are especially brutal, and often racist. The Montreal Gazette points out one commentor on Kensignton Palace's instagram page, “kelleywynn,” who wrote: “Some days she looks more white and others more black. Must decide which race she wants to play when she wakes up!” 

Some commenters have defended themselves against such allegations. Twitter user "À la lanterne!" had this to say about allegations that Markle trolls are racist:

We hate the BITCH but do certainly NOT care what colour her skin and her race are!#MeghanMarkle is manipulative, liar, insolent, disgraceful, classless, cheap, fake woman! Nothing to be proud of her.

It is enough to use the racism card, it is surely over done!

January 29, 2019

I don't know about you, but I think that anyone who uses the phrase "racism card" is probably racist.

This next tweet deals with the above mentioneed "fake pregnancy scandal," and also brings up #mexit, a hashtag popular with Markle criticisers.

It is so annoying how #MeghanMarkle, her multiple accounts and paid trolls are using the #HellotoKindness to spread racism and try to shut down the rumors about the #fakepregnancy. We have to right to expose lies. That's not hate. The truth is the highest virtue #megxit

January 30, 2019

Other, even more vile users allege that Markle dyes her skin to look whiter, wears wigs and use adjectives like "trashy" and "slutty."

A recent example of the biasness of fans and British media have been the articles about Markle's pregnancy, which accuse her of "showing off" and "being vain," though they praised Middleton for doing the same thing.

Have you noticed how Meghan Markle ensures her baby bump takes centre stage?

January 25, 2019

Kensington palace staff is working overtime to filter out the worst of the comments, blocking and reporting users who go too far. But the Internet being the Internet, this only serves to momentarily stop the flow of comments. Users can create new accounts and use new emails, and go right back to commenting.

Stronger measures will need to be taken if this abuse is to stop.

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